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Florida Assisted Living Facility - Arden Courts Seminole
Assisted Living Facility License #AL9248

Seminole, FL


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100% Dedicated to Alzheimer's Care

"Arden Courts is a welcome answer for us."

When someone you love has Alzheimer's disease or related memory impairment, you learn a lot about care and support.  You discover the importance of preserving a routine and the familiar surroundings of home.  You can also see how much your loved one needs the closeness of family and friends.  But, we understand that the demands on you and your family grow to a point where more help is required than you can manage.  We also know that it's hard to give up the comforts of home.  This is why HCR Manor Care created Arden Courts.  It's a unique approach to caregiving - created to help people with Alzheimer's disease and related memory impairments enjoy residential living, while receiving the professional assistance they need 24-hours a day.

Everything at Arden Courts - from staffing to programs to environment - has been researched, developed and designed for very specific needs.  Arden Courts is a welcome answer for both our residents and their families; a new caregiving alternative for the time when home care is no longer possible, but skilled nursing care is not necessary.

"Arden Courts is both a special place and a new approach to caregiving"


Residential living,
combined with quality caregiving.

A well planned,
secure and simple environment.

The freedom to pursue one's own
interests and enjoy ones surroundings.

Just the right amount of assistance
and structure to help make the most
of each person's capabilities.

And most of all, an environment
that preserves the warmth, the caring
the comforts and routines of home.


"It's like home - with extra help."

In designing Arden Courts, we conducted a great deal of research with experts and family caregivers alike - to make sure we offer the best lifestyle and care for our residents.

We understand the importance of helping our residents continue to lead productive, independent lives.  So we provide whatever assistance is needed to make it possible.  Whether it's helping with dressing, bathing, toileting or perhaps supervision at mealtimes, our residents receive just the right amount of care and encouragement - from people specially trained to care for those with Alzheimer's disease.

We also focus on maintaining the normal routines of home.  Just like in homes everywhere, our residents and caregivers gather for family style meals.  They spend time on personal care and light housekeeping.  There's time to socialize with friends and time to be on their own.

Arden Courts Sample Menu

Orange Juice
Hot Cereal
Scrambled Eggs
Pancakes & Syrup
Cottage Cheese
Cinnamon Toast

Roast Pork Loin/Gravy
Parsley Potatoes
Winter Blend Vegetables
Wheat Roll
Lime Gelatin Cake
Veal Paprika
Tossed Salad
Italian Dressing

Steak Sandwich
Peppers and Onions
French Fried Potatoes
Pickled Beets
Pineapple Crunch
Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwich
Green Lima Beans

At Arden Courts, our residents are encouraged to continue whatever activities they were used to doing at home; whether it's setting the table or preparing for dinner, doing laundry, gardening in the backyard or going our for social and community activities.

"The design is excellent - they've thought of everything."

A lot of planning went into making Arden Courts feel as much like home as possible - warm, friendly, familiar and safe.  Every aspect of daily life has been taken into consideration, based on our residents' needs.  Right from the beginning, we consulted with architectural and design experts who specialize in Alzheimer's facilities - to make sure HCR Manor Care's Arden Courts offers the maximum amount of independence and safety.

The layout is residential by design - small in scale and organized into four self-contained "houses."  Each house has its own living room, dining room, kitchen, full bath and laundry.  There's also a secured backyard for gardening and enjoying the outdoors.  Houses have both private and shared bedrooms, each with a half bath.  And while bedrooms can be fully furnished, many of our residents like to bring some favorite furniture from home.  The common rooms are cozy and inviting, and the furniture is comfortable.  There are visual cures everywhere - symbols, photographs and colors - to help our residents stay oriented and as independent as possible.

"Interviewed several family members who have nothing but praise for Arden Courts Seminole.  Care is excellent, caregivers are kind, food is very good, many activities available.  Facility is spotlessly clean." 
                                               - Ombudsman Council Inspection Sept 2006

A Typical Day At Arden Courts

7:00-9:30am Breakfast; Life Skills and Routines
9:30-11:30am Group Activities and Structured Programs or Individual Activities
11:30-2:30pm Lunch; Life Skills and Routines; Quiet Time and Rest
2:30-5:30pm Group Activities and Structured Programs or Individual Activities
5:30-7:00pm Dinner; Life Skills and Routines
7:00-8:00pm Group Activities and Structured Programs
8:00pm and on Personal Time; Life Skills and Routines; Bed
Arden Courts Definitions

Life Skills and Routines - Routine daily tasks including personal hygiene, making the bed, light housekeeping, setting the table, preparing for meals, reading the newspaper, watching television, getting the mail.

Group Activities and Structured Programs

Physical: Fitness walks, armchair aerobics, active games, sports
Sensory: Music appreciation, pet visits
Social: Card games, puzzles, bingo, parties, special events, dance
Creative: Art, music, cooking, crafts, gardening, woodworking, poetry
Intellectual: Current events, reminiscence, word games
Spiritual: Religious services, hymn singing, meditation
Intergenerational: Visits from children, school plays
Community: Participation in community events, visits to restaurants / shops

"It's the special people who make it possible."

A unique living arrangement like Arden Courts takes very special people to make it happen - people who are warm, friendly and who are also professionally trained to provide care for individuals with Alzheimer's disease and related memory impairment.

At Arden Courts, members of our staff are well educated in the disease process and its management - receiving extensive training and education, continual updates and refresher courses.

At the core of our team are the Resident Caregivers, who serve as "house parents" and assist with all daily activities.  Resident Caregivers are assigned to a house, working with the residents on a daily basis and getting to know their individual needs.

Our other caregiving professionals include:

  • Professional Nurses (RN's and LPN's) - who monitor health status, administer medications, manage health assessments and coordinate resident services
  • Program Services Coordinator - who oversees the structured activities
  • Food Service Assistants, Housekeepers and a Program Service Assistant - who assists in daily care
  • Arden Courts Director - who oversees all care and services

"Here, they offer a very personalized approach to care."

There are no "patients" living at Arden Courts - only residents and friends, each with his or her own routines and interests, capabilities and needs.  And right from the start, we set out to accommodate and encourage that individuality.  We begin with an extensive assessment of the resident's requirements and preferences.  We also learn about his or her individual skills, history and home life.  Then, we develop a customized "service plan" outlining those services and programs the resident needs or would like.  And everyone - staff, resident and family - works together to implement the plan, making ongoing assessments and adjustments as necessary. 

With our high staffing ratio at Arden Courts we can work closely with our residents; personalizing and adjusting their care and their programs, based on what each person requires - or simply enjoys.


The minute I walked in the door at Arden Courts, it felt right.  Mikel met with us and she was so helpful and so compassionate.  She showed us all around the facility, introduced us to the staff and even gave me two books about Alzheimer's disease.

I want you to know how very pleased I am with Arden Courts.  The place is always spotless; Don's clothes and his room are kept tidy and I'm always so warmly greeted when I go to see him.  You are certainly helping to make a most difficult period of my life bearable and I can't thank you enough.

Sincerely yours,



"The programs are designed for people with Alzheimer's disease
- it's not just an afterthought."

Arden Courts was created exclusively for individuals in the early - to - middle stages of Alzheimer's disease, so we are able to concentrate on the programs and life skills that best meet our residents' special needs promoting their independence and individuality, their health and spiritual well-being.

Programming: Our structured activities at Arden Courts are planned and supervised by trained professionals.  Programs are short and varied, fulfilling a variety of purposes.

Dance, for example, offers mild exercise; art, a relaxed and creative outlet.  Therapeutic programs such as reminiscence therapy, inspire mental stimulation.  You might also find us getting together for a sing-a-long, enjoying visits from friends in the community or gathering for religious observances.

Life Skills:  These activities enable our residents to continue their day-to-day functions and provide structure to the day.  Making the bed, setting the table, folding the laundry and performing light housekeeping are examples of the life skills we practice here.

And no matter what we're doing at Arden Courts, we focus on what our residents can do, instead of what they cannot do.  We know that successfully accomplishing a task or reaching a goal helps our residents continue to feel productive and good about themselves.

Engagement Programming

Engagement programs reinforce functional skills, which are important in promoting a positive sense of self-esteem.  General principles of this approach guide program development.  These include:

  • Utilization of familiar materials taken from the everyday environment
  • Division of tasks into steps that can be practiced
  • Utilization of sequencing, repetition, and feedback to support intact habits

The goal is to support the remaining, less impaired skills needed everyday.

Examples include:

  • Sensory Discrimination - these activities stimulate the senses and can include recognizing hot from cold, loud from soft and heavy from light.
  • Activities of Daily Living - these activities focus on personal care, utilizing verbal and visual prompts.  Bathing, personal hygiene, dressing and hanging and folding clothes are examples.  Care of the environment may also be included with activities such as flower arranging, caring for plants or table setting.
  • Motor Activities - these activities focus on individual abilities and teamwork to retain fine and gross motor skills.  These may include sewing, lacing or painting to promote gripping ability, or activities that use tools such as scooping, measuring, or cutting.
  • Cognitive Stimulation - these activities are done one-on-one or in a group setting and stimulate recognition using matching, sorting and arranging items in a series

These activities designed in the engagement program capitalize on "spared" or less impaired abilities allowing activities to be done at their own pace.

"They include us too - the whole family."

Nothing helps our residents' well being and peace of mind knowing their family and friends care for them and want to be a part of their lives.  That's why we welcome family members at Arden Courts.  We encourage you to participate in the caregiving as much as you like.  We have special events for families - dinners, parties, activities - and we offer the help of family support groups.  Some of our family members also like to participate with their loved ones laundry or taking them to doctor's appointments.  We can accommodate whatever caregiving arrangements you want to make.  The amount of participation is entirely up to you.

"Respite Care At Arden Courts."

We are pleased to offer our innovative Respite Care Program.  Commonly asked questions about Respite Care include...

What is Respite Care?

Respite Care is temporary 24-hour care.  Many families caring for someone with Alzheimer's disease have expressed a need from caregiving - if they travel for business, want to take a long awaited vacation or simply just need a rest.  What you may not realize is that your loved one may also need a break in their routine - a new stimulus, the chance to interact with new people, to share new and different experiences.  In addition to enjoying a change of pace, you may also wish to use Respite Care as a "trial period" that will be very helpful in making a longer term decision.  What better opportunity could you have to take a closer look at assisted living and be satisfied that it provides the atmosphere, the expertise and the caring staff members that you are looking for.

How Long Can We Use Respite Care?

Respite Care is flexible, and can be tailored to meet your needs.  Families can use Respite Care for as little as two days and for as long as a month.

How Much Does Respite Care Cost?

The cost of Respite Care varies based on which of our facilities you choose and the specific room accommodations selected.  The daily charge covers accommodations in a safe, secure setting, meals, 24-hour care, and participation in activities programs.  Families find that the cost of Respite Care compares favorably with in-home temporary care, without the hassle of arranging home care or the worries about reliability.

How Can I Arrange For A Respite Care Stay?

Call Arden Courts.  We will be happy to discuss your needs, and assist you in scheduling Respite Care.  Please remember that Respite Care is offered on a space available basis.  Please contact us as far in advance as possible, so that we can be sure of meeting your needs.

"Our company was built on caring."

Arden Court was designed and developed by HCR Manor Care - a leading provider of skilled nursing, rehabilitation and Alzheimer's care.

In our nursing centers, we helped to pioneer care for people with Alzheimer's disease.  But we also realized that some residents in the early - to - middle stages of the disease benefit from living in a more residential setting.

So we set out to create Arden Courts, bringing our own resources and experience to the job; and working with family caregivers like you to meet your needs.

Today, Arden Courts extends our continuum of care by providing personal attention in a small, residential environment.  It offers dignity, comfort, a sense of belonging and the friendship and assistance of others in a safe environment that is as much as like home as it can be.

It is a home that caregivers like you have helped to build.  We hope you'll come soon to see Arden Courts for yourself.  We know you'll like what you see.

We look forward to talking with you further about our community and
invite you to take a tour at any time.


Arden Courts Seminole
Seminole, FL


For More Information or to Schedule a Tour
Please Call Toll-Free 1-866-352-2537


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